Who are we?

We are a company specialising in operational, electromechanical and technical assistance, providing integrated solutions, mainly aimed at the the electrical and oil & gas sectors.

Founded in 2012, our company to provide efficient support support to overcome the our clients' challenges and satisfaction of all stakeholders.

We have a team composed mostly of national technicians, who synchronise the best engineering techniques to guarantee quality and added value added value in all our services and projects.
We integrate the best engineering practices

Extensive experience in the energy and oil & gas sectors

To be a national benchmark in specialised services in operations, electromechanics and technical assistance, with international quality standards and environmental sustainability.

Overcoming the challenges of our clients, employees and the community by providing efficient and personalised solutions with an immediate response. We strive for excellence in all our activities and promote innovation to ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved and the sustainable growth of the company.

  • Loyalty
  • Competence
  • Dynamisation
  • Agility

Aware of the role it plays in the social context, GRD SERVICES takes a concerted stance between the demands of a highly competitive dynamic, capable of making a winning offer of value, a condition for the sustainable development that its identity matrix demands.

We believe that by organising work in a safe and healthy way, strictly complying with legislation, allowing a balance between professional and personal life, fair appraisal systems and respecting our "Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy", we will be able to attract and retain human resources that support sustainable competitive advantages.

Similarly, in our relationship with all the relevant players, the following are considered to be factors in our success: a competitive but ethical relationship with suppliers and competitors, sustainable integration with the environment and respectful, dialogical interaction with the communities where we operate.